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We are a class of year 7 and 8 students who attend a semi-rural school on the outskirts of Tauranga in NZ. We are excited to share our experiences and learning at Tauriko School. Check back regularly to see what we have been up to. We have a load of fun in our class and would love to share it with you!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Congratulations Hannah!

At today’s Leadership Assembly, Hannah Rose was awarded with the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award. When considering students for this award Hannah was found to be an absolute stand-out. Hannah is one of our wonderful Head Students. She displays the qualities of a leader through her own actions, conversations and her ability to work with others.

Steve Boocock from Westpac Bank presented Hannah with the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award.
Hannah is:
* self-driven - she takes the initiative, is resourceful.
* thoughtful – she has the ability to analyse situations and make rational decisions.
* able to work well with others – she listens to their ideas and gives others the opportunity to lead.
* a great communicator with people of all ages.
* blessed with a great attitude to challenges.
* a high achiever – Hannah aims high and strives to be the best she can be in all areas, both academically as well as in the sports domain.
* respectful of others, on many levels and in many ways.

Congratulations, Hannah! On behalf of Mrs Logan and the Tall Poppies, I would like to say how proud we are of you. You really do lead the way.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Leadership Week

This week is Leadership. This special event was inspired by Sir Peter Blake - a true New Zealand hero and leader extraordinaire. Find out more about Sir Peter Blake here

What are some of the qualities you think great leaders display?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Olive's Update from her Adventures in South Africa.

                Olive playing golf in a banana plantation.

                                      A mantis

This is a plant and a mantis that lives on it that looks like the plant.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Olive's Update from South Africa

Hello so far I am having a great time in South Africa I have done lots of things here and there is lots of things to do. There are lots of monkeys climbing on fences and swinging in trees. It feels as if the days are going so slow. But I cant wait till next week because we will be riding elephants in Cape Town. We have a giant harmless lizard living in our roof at night its called a Legavaan.  This is a part of the water park that pours water on you when ever you would walk past.

PS.It is winter here and it is so hot like 20 to 27 degree.

This is the lizard that lives in my roof.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Mandarin Practice

Ni hao!

Here are some Quizlets that you can use to practise your Mandarin pronunciation at home.

Greetings Quizlet 1

Greetings Quizlet 2 

Numbers Quizlet

What do you know about Mandarin? Add a comment to share your learning.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Formal Speech Writing

Write one tip you have learnt that you are going to keep in mind when writing your speech.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Amazing Awesome Adventurous Active Waimarino

“This is going to be a blast of a day!” 21st of April 2015 the Tall Poppies were excited or nervous about going to Waimarino. We wanted to sprint down to the river or walk there slowly. Were you the excited or the nervous? Well I was definitely the excited!!!!

As my kayak met water, I paddled against the current making my muscles clam together and ache. I started standing up on my kayak and my kayak started to wobble. I tried to keep my balance but I bodyslammed the water and started sinking. The water pushed its way into my mouth. It was so disgusting I wanted to puke. As I came up, goosebumps covered me like leaves on a tree. Afterwards we did a chariot race where you have a buddy. One buddy stood up at the back of the kayak. The other person has one knee in each kayak in the front. Akenese and I were buddies. We started to paddle as slow as a snail when the kayaks slowly drifted away in different directions. Akenese and I did the splits before we touched the water.

I was so excited about the high diving board. It looked AWESOME! I speed walked to the snail size line. When it was my turn I sprinted up the stairs when I realised how high it was! All of a sudden butterflies were partying in my tummy. My foot left the diving board as I went soaring down breaking through the air. My stomach lurched as high as the sky tower. SPLASH! I slapped the water. It felt like landing on concrete. But I came out of the water smiling. That was AWESOME!!!! It was an extraordinary experience.

I heard that Mrs Te Whaiti was supervising the Tarzan Swing and I bolted there. When it was my turn I hooked up the rope and pulled it towards me. I gripped it and squeezed it tight. I jumped off the platform and held on for dear life. CREAK! All of my happiness and excitement turned to worries. I let go straight away. I plummeted down to the water and tried to land in a good position. As soon as I touched the water I tried to stay up and not sink down too low. The Tarzan Swing was such a blast that I wanted to go on a million times more.

“CUMORAH THE BLOB IS OPEN”! screamed Mereana. I jumped a million metres high with excitement and joy. I raced to the line. As i reached the top I saw Mr. Henderson blob Ripeka. “AHHH!!”  Ripeka screamed as she went flying through the air. When Mr. Henderson slithered off the blob Sean the instructor opened the gate for me. It was my turn. “ 3,2,1 jump”. I landed on my bum and struggled to crawl over to the other side. When I finally got there the instructor said “3,2,1,jump”! When the instructor said jump I expected to soar up but I didnt. I stayed there. As I was about to turn around to look if Sophie had jumped. But  just before I turned around BOING!
AHHH!!! I rocketed up, up and up then down, down, down. SPLASH! sinking down, slimy sick stream water pushed me down. I swam up shivering. Rubbing my red arm, I swam up to shore.

When I got in the car I had a frown instead of a smile. I didnt want to go. I wanted to go back on the Tarzan swing. It was the bomb. I wanted to go on the blob. I wanted to jump off the high diving board again and everything else. It was the most amazing, awesome, adventurous, active day of my year so far. That thought put a smile back on my face.

By Cumorah

River Rival by Sophie

River Rival
Thirty six students, six adults and one whole day of fun, in contrast to twenty seven students, eight adults, one whole day of fun. Which year is going to be better, 2014 or 15?

In mid April, thirty six pupils from Tauriko School, took a trip to Waimarino Water Park for the day.

First up was kayaking. We chose kayaks and pushed them in. After pulling, slapping and slashing our way across the water, we rafted up. We then listened and watched Aston basically throw himself into the water, as told to by our instructor Sean.

Eagerly, the class pushed themselves out of the raft, ready to do some tricks.I went straight into standing up. Slowly, I encouraged my nervous body upright. The kayak was unsteady. I felt it quiver, nervously under my feet. I heard what was a faint screech become louder and louder. “Boom… splash… arh!” I had been thrown from the kayak into the ice-cold water by a rampaging, out-of-control fellow kayaker Caitlyn. After some bruising, struggling and slipping, I managed to get back into my kayak.

We rafted up and in threes, we paddled back to shore.

After lunch, we started the activities. I went to the Tarzan swing. There was a bit of a line but soon enough, it was my turn. I used the metal hook to grab the swinging rope. I then felt the itchy, knotted rope in my trembling hands. I counted down, “3, 2..” and my head started to play tricks on me. “It’s too cold, you can’t do it.” “1” and jumped. The water’s cold, muddy fingers pulled me into it’s deep, murky depths. As I surfaced, the bubbles exploded around me as I reached for the shore.

It was time for the high dive board. I looked up and looked down. I repeated this action until my neck got sore. Finally, I built  my courage to walk up, onto the slippery plank.
My feet refused to move as I nudged them forward. I heard my classmates cheer me on like a rugby match. “Go Sophie, you can do it!” Then, out of the blue, my feet decided to jump. I didn’t have time to react but In the matter of a moment I plummeted into the water with a plonk. I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by leaves and sticks. “I did it,” I screamed, “I did it.”

The last activity was The Blob. I was so nervous. I put on a lifejacket and helmet ready to skyrocket into the water. I walked up the daunting stairs. I got to the top and looked down at all the staring faces. It soon came to mind, that it was my turn next!
“Ba-boom-ba-boom” My heart started to beat faster and faster, louder and louder. My body started to shake like a leaf in the wind as Sean explained what to do. He shouted “3, 2, 1 GO.”
As I was falling, the butterflies swam around my stomach. “Boof.” Like a wave, the air ran to the end and bounced Cumorah into the water. Now it was my turn to be blobbed. Mereana got ready while I was crawling to the two black dots. As I sat in place, Sean yelled, “3, 2, 1 GO!” She hit the mat and I got lifted up into the sky. But, as I was falling, my body tilted and “Slap.” I had belly-flopped into the river. Ouch!

“Click.” As I sat in in the car, I thought about the day I had just experienced. It was thrilling, show-stopping, body shocking and awesome. It was definitely better than 2014.

Sentence Lab

A group of our Tall Poppies are working on sentence structure and punctuation. Click here to go to the sentence lab. Use the tool to get random words and put them into correct, simple sentences. 

Remember the 5 finger rules:
1. Start with a capital letter.
2. Make sure your sentence has a subject. (noun/pronoun)
3. Check that your sentence has an action. (verb)
4. End with a full stop, question mark or an exclamation mark.
5. Reread the sentence to check that it makes sense.

Spelling Challenge

Spelling Challenge

Interesting Words - From Ordinary to Extraordinary!

To support our writing, we are learning to recreate ordinary words

into extraordinary vocabulary.

Take a commonly used word and list all the alternatives
(words that mean the same thing but are far more interesting)
How many can you come up with?

Here are some ordinary words to get you started
 said, good, cool, happy, sad.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tauranga Moana

We are learning some waiata to perform during our Matariki celebrations. Here are some clips to help with the waiata and the actions.

Stan sings Tauranga Moana - check it out!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


On the 21st of April the Tall Poppies went to Waimarino to start off camp. The rules were: no running, no swearing, and no saying it’s cold. I was nervous about actually doing it. I pulled on my wet suit - big-baggy legs and buckled on a red, small life jacket for Kayaking.  We had to do righty–tighty, lefty-loosey.
My kayak went the wrong way.  Finally, I got going standing up and Aston bumped me and I tumbled into the freezing cold Wairoa River. 

Kayaking was not for me so I ran up the steps with my yellow mat determined to have a go on the slide. It was slow to begin with but then I got faster and faster. Somehow, the mat landed on top of me!

The FCO was hard to get up on. I helped Lilly and Pia and pulled them on to the tramp. That was my main job. Jenna pushed me off on top of Lilly and Lilly was nearly about to punch me for that.  And at the end I felt really happy.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Camp skits

Time is ticking away and soon we will find ourselves at camp. On the Thursday night we will have our camp 'talent' show were everyone will take part in a skit.

Here are a few links for sites where you can find loads and loads of great ideas for camp skits. Make sure you choose a skit that is suitable for a school camping situation. You will need to print it out and get it approved by Mrs Te Whaiti or Mrs Logan prior to camp. We also have a box of plays in class that you might like to choose from. Once you have your script you can practise it until you know it off-by-heart. You might like to organise your costumes and props over the school holidays.

Have fun!

Link One

Link Two

Link Three

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Future Champions

On Friday the 20th of March I went to future champions at Blake Park. Future Champions is run by Sport Bay of Plenty. It is a fun filled day where you get professional coaching on a specific sport. It is run for year 5-8 students over 3 days. In order to go to this day you have to be accepted by filling out an application form. This year there were 800 applications and only the top sports people in each code were successful. There are lots of different sports including: athletics, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rugby, rugby league, squash, tennis, water polo and volleyball.
To kick the day off we had a guest speaker who talked about true champions and her sporting achievements. Then we got into our sport groups and set off for our first session. I was in Athletics with 18 other year 7 and 8s. Our coach was Barrie Jenkins. He is a coach mentor - someone who coaches other coaches how to coach. He also coaches a wide range of athletes and has travelled all over the world with New Zealand teams. Over the morning we learnt heaps of warm ups and techniques tips as well as throwing shot-puts, javelin and discus. I also had a go at pole vault.
After lunch we had a nutrition session where we learnt about what we should be eating before and after our games. I really enjoyed Future Champions. It was an awesome opportunity to be involved in.


Tuesday, 24 March 2015


On the 9th, 10th and 12th of March, Adrienne from the Tauranga City Council, came to talk to us about Hydroponics and how to Hydroponically plant some dwarf beans.

She told us to bring in some 1.5L bottles for our project on Thursday.
Next she asked us a few questions about if the world changed how could we solve these problems... Population increase, ground floor pollution, air pollution and weather changes. We also talked about the 7 things that plants need to grow.

After that Adrienne showed us a Hydroponic machine called a Nutrient Film Technique. It is a long piece of house gutter with four holes in the top spaced out around 7cm gap. At the top of the gutter was a long waterproof pipe running to the bottom attached to a waterproof filter inside a container filled with water. How it works is the filter sucks the water in and it travels up the pipe. When it gets to the top it runs down the gutter watering the plants in the holes, when the water gets to the bottom it makes a waterfall into the container, making oxygen for the plants so that they can breathe.

The next day we talked about helping sick plants. There were problems of fruit farmers that we had to solve using the list of illnesses.
On Thursday we all brought in our bottles and the fun was about to begin!
She explained what we needed to do to plant some Dwarf Beans then we got started.
We paired up, I paired up with Tylah. Tylah and I first started by cutting our bottles in half. Then we went outside to get our 1 cup of Vermiculite and ½ a cup of Perlite. (Perlite is white like pearls) We put that into the top half of the bottle. Next Tylah got a 1 cup of water so we could put the nutrients (plant food) in it. With 1 teaspoon of each (A) and (B) we were able to put the seeds in. The class got 3-4 seeds to plant, you stick your small finger in and drop the seed in the holes. Then we were done.

Thankyou very much Adrienne for telling us about Hydroponics and telling us about water.     

by Sophie

Friday, 20 March 2015

Name poems

Boat Safety by Tristan

On Wednesday, The Tall Poppies went to their final swim at the Polytechnic. It was the best lesson yet. At first, the Tall Poppies had to line up shortest to tallest so we could all get the right size Life Jacket. After all the life jackets were on, we had to do a step in into the pool, swim to the other side and your buddy would have thrown the floaty thing next to you and would pull you back over. The whole point of it was to put you in a situation and how someone would help you.


Boat Safety

On Tuesday the Tall Poppies went to have their last swimming session at the polytech.  We went underneath a boat. They flipped the blow up boat upside down, so when we went underneath the boat we could come up for some air. When we got out we went to the back of the line. It was a little hard because we were at the deep end it is 2 meters deep. The easy part was we had life  jacket’ on and that was our day.  It was a fun day for all of us . My favourite part was going underneath  the boat.