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We are a class of year 7 and 8 students who attend a semi-rural school on the outskirts of Tauranga in NZ. We are excited to share our experiences and learning at Tauriko School. Check back regularly to see what we have been up to. We have a load of fun in our class and would love to share it with you!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Ripeka did it! First Place!

Ripeka represented the Central Zone at last week's Year 7 & 8 Inter-school Speech Competition held at Omokoroa No 1 School. Students came from far and wide to compete. The speeches were all of a very high standard in each section. We are thrilled to announce that Ripeka won the Year 7 competition! What a brilliant result, Ripeka. You made us all so proud.
A special thank you to the coordinators and judges for all of their work.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Olympic Medals

Olympic Values Medals

This week we were proud to present three of our Tall Poppies with gold, silver and bronze medals. All of our students did us proud at Sports Camp, however we were on the lookout all week for the three students we thought best displayed the Olympic Values. These values are:

Joy of Effort: Young people who develop and practice physical, behavioural and intellectual skills by challenging themselves and each other in physical activities, movement, games and sport.

Fair Play: Fair play is a sports concept, but it is applied worldwide today in many different ways. Learning fair play behaviour in sport can lead to the development and reinforcement of fair play behaviour in the community and in life.

Respect for Others: When young people who live in a multicultural world learn to accept and respect diversity and practice personal peaceful behaviour, they promote peace and international understanding.

Pursuit of Excellence: A focus on excellence can help young people to make positive, healthy choices, and strive to become the best that they can be in whatever they do.

Balance Between Body, Mind and Character: Learning takes place in the whole body, not just in the mind, and physical literacy and learning through movement contributes to the development of both moral and intellectual learning. This concept is the foundation for the revival of the Modern Olympic Games.

Mrs Logan, Mr Rikiriki, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Te Whaiti were unanimous in their choices for each of the medals. There are other students in the Tall Poppies who also meet these criteria at times, however these three students were the most consistent throughout the week at Sports Camp and in the lead up to it.

Congratulations to Jessica who received the GOLD, Arohaina the SILVER and Hannah the BRONZE.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Counting in Mandarin

We are learning to count in Mandarin. Our goal is to ask others for their phone number. We then want to be able to tell our partner our number. We are also learning to write the number down using characters.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Writing Race

Today we watched this clip of Usain Bolt getting run down by a camera man on a segway. We came up with vocabulary related to the event and then had 20 minutes to write about it from the perspective of one of the people involved. Our goal was to include some inner monologue in our writing.
Here is a great example of writing from the session:


I was cruising down the path on the side of the famous 200 metre sprint track. I was capturing every moment of the reigning winner, swaggering down beside the massive grandstand filled with cheering enthusiastic fans trying to get his attention by yelling and hollering for him, ‘Usain Bolt, Usain Bolt’. I was proud; I was videoing my hero. But I couldn’t get a good shot of emotion. I decided to overtake to get what I needed to make my video a success. So I did it. I started to overtake in my segway and thats when it all went wrong. My left wheel caught the side of the camera rail that runs alongside the athletes and my hand accidently revved the throttle as I fought for control and sent me full boost into the back of Usain Bolt, knocking both of us onto the ground in a pile of man and machine. I was sore, I was embarrassed and I was confused as I staggered up off the floor with the help of a bystander, I felt so bad.

Ethan H

What did Ethan do well? How could he improve on this?

Sports Inquiry

We are modifying sports equipment to create new sporting tools and games. We are looking for items that are no longer wanted - even old pieces of sporting equipment that are no longer useful for their intended purpose. Please send these along to the Tall Poppies room asap (before Friday 18th September).

Tall Poppies Open Day & Info Evening

We look forward to seeing parents of our current year 6 students on 16th September. Please feel free to pass this information to anyone you think might be interested in seeing and hearing what Tauriko School has to offer year 7 & 8 students in the Tall Poppies class.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Netball at Sports Camp

My netball game at sports camp: At 9:55 on Tuesday morning, I was about to start my first game of netball for sports camp. I was really nervous about my game because I was worried that we would not win or shoot any goals… because I was goal shoot. Beep! The loud horn, went ready to start the game. So we raced onto the courts. 5,4,3,2,1 the loud whistle went. We were playing against Combined. It was their turn with the ball from the center. All I could hear was “Over here!” “Over here!” and, “Just shoot it,” “Don’t be nervous.” 1,2,3 shoot!

“Yay,” I said. 1 to Tauriko and 1 to Combined. We were down to the last five minutes and it was Combined’s ball from the center. We thought we were about to lose. Miraculously, Akenese did an amazing defence with the ball and passed it down until it got to me. 1,2,3 shoot. I got the ball in the goal as soon as the horn went. In the end the score was 6 to Tauriko and 5 to Combined. Someday I want to play for the Silver Ferns and make New Zealand proud.

By Pia

Music Festival

This week the choir performed at the Tauranga Schools Music Festival at Baycourt. A group of our Tall Poppies were among the singers, including Jenna who was selected to sing a solo part. The evening was brilliant and Tauriko School students did us proud. Well done Jenna, Sophie, Caitlyn, Pia, Lilly, Georgia-Leigh, Laura for the wonderful performance. A special thank you to Mrs Lockett for the time, effort and expertise that went into preparing the choir, and to Mrs Taylor for the beautiful t-shirts prepared for each student. Stunning!

All dressed up and ready to go!

Success at the Inter-School Speech Competition

This week Ripeka and Arohaina represented Tauriko School at the Tall Poppies Speech competition at Omokoroa No1 School. The girls were up against the top students from schools around the district. We are thrilled to announce that Ripeka won the Year 7 competition with her speech on 'Attitudes'. Arohaina also has a successful experience, taking out second place in the year 8 competition with her speech on 'Rheumatic Fever'. We are so proud of the girls and the time and effort that went into writing and refining their work, as well as the honing of their speech presentation skills. Ripeka now goes on to the next stage of the inter-school speech competitions. Good luck, Ripeka!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Problem Solving Success

Tonight two teams of Tall Poppies competed in the Tall Poppies Problem Solving Competition. Congratulations to the girls' team of Hannah, Mereana and Cumorah who came third! We are so proud of the three of you. Well done to the boys team (Ethan H, Iraia and Ethan C) who worked hard too - you all did really well.

The Dream is Over

We put our hockey sticks in the middle of the circle. “Team on three, 1, 2, 3, Team!” we yelled out. We raced into our our positions for the second half of the girls’ hockey final against Omokoroa No.1. It was nil all.

The ref blew the whistle. It was all go. Omokoroa passed the ball to their Black Sticks-worthy player. She dribbled confidently and at pace down the sideline and took a shot at goal. Luckily for us, our reliable goalie Tylah, trapped and passed it off to Mereana. Mereana dribbled up her wing then passed it to me, in the centre. They came at me like bees to a honey pot. I sent the ball out to Arohaina.  She shot at goal. Unfortunately, their tall, strong goalie smacked the ball back up the field to that black sticks-worthy player. She dribbled, then shot at goal. Tylah trapped it, but they got hold of it again. SMACK - it was in the goal.

“It’s not over yet,” we encouraged each other.  I took the ball back to the centre and passed it back to Jess.  Jess whacked it up the field with the power and push of an olympic shot putter. HONNNNNK the end hooter went off - it was too late.  The dream of Tauriko winning the girls’ hockey was over.




It was the third day at camp - we had not a moment to lose. We were in the finals for Hockey I had to defend that goal; that was my priority.  We needed to put our A game into action. It was half time. The ball had been thrown down our end of the field in the mud. I stood my ground waiting in position as our team was fighting back. It came closer to me. I trapped the ball then was locked in a tackle battle against their top hockey player. SMACK! The ball had been slammed into our goal. I felt devastated. My dream had ended.


Girls’ Hockey finals

Our girl’s hockey team got in the finals. We were playing really well and we wanted to win. In the first half it was 0-0. In the second half the other team got a goal. We had 5 more minutes to go. We battled to get a goal to even the score and have a chance to win on count-back. As soon as we know it, the whistle went. The other team was so happy. We were proud of ourselves and a little bit sad but we came runners up in girl’s hockey.


Boys' Hockey

Tauriko boys hockey team were spread out across the field. I looked at the opposition. They looked mean and fiesty. They passed the ball behind them and the game was on. I went in for the tackle. I got the ball and ran as fast as I could. I passed it to Matt and he went for the goal. Matt got it in so the score was 2-1- they were winning now. The goal was pretty big. I was the defender. I helped Caleb defend the goal and I tackled heaps of people. We had 2 minutes left but we could not get the shot in time.




Indoor Hockey

We were in the semifinals for boys indoor hockey. I was so impressed with the team. We made it this far but now we were facing Omokoroa No1. They looked tough. We got to our positions and the game started. The ball went flying in all directions, then wham Omokoroa scored. The ball
was set again and Joe passed but our opponent took the ball and scored again and again until one shot injured Matt so I had to change with him. We had two minutes left and we were doing poorly and then something happened. One of the players tried to David Copperfield me and banged his stick into my finger. I had intense pain for the rest of the game then time was up. The dream had ended but I learnt a lesson - never play indoor hockey with regular hockey sticks.

 Ethan C

Sports Camp

On a greasy muddy field I slipped, while playing rugby at Sports Camp. It was raining hard. I skidded about six times. People got muddy while tackling the opposition. We had subs - they came on when someone was injured or too tired. The game was hard - I got punched in the nose! We played against Stanley Ave. We had five minutes to go till the game was over. “Parrrp!”
The hooter went off for the next game. We had lost but we still had a good game. We huddled in a group and cheered then shook hands and said “Good Game,’ and ‘Thank you.’ We hope we impressed the ref by shaking his hand!


Most of us were in our togs. Not Caleb - he was the special one. He wore boxers. Off we went down the path slowly. The whole class was waiting for the practice. My feet were getting colder. We had to wait - 5 minutes to go. After we got off the practice the real thing happened. Me, Caleb, Joe, Shon were all going down. The double dynamic duo with Joe at the front and Shon at the back. Ticktock. We started going down slowly. Not so fun. Then a sign said, ‘Drop ahead’. We went faster, then woosh, we went really fast. Joe released my feet and began going in mid air. He was in the star position in the air and looked like a majestic eagle. I grabbed his leg and pulled him back down we all came down laughing except for Joe.


By Iraia

Table Tennis Finals

Arohaina and I had made the finals. I couldnt believe it. I had never played a game of table tennis. But we made the finals. I was so EXCITED! We could actually win table tennis. In the finals we played Paeroa. I was nervous because they had won it last year. They had already won the first
set. The ref turned to us away from Paeroa. The ref could see us looking sad and down. She said “it’s not the end, it’s alright”. I turned to Arohaina and said “we can do this”. In the last set everything was silent. It was so intense. Butterflies were tickling my stomach REALLY CRAZILY!!! It was
1912 to them. Match point. If we lost the point we lost the game. Arohaina served it over. SMACK!!! Paeroa sent the ball back over. I missed. We were runners up, not first. We lost. While Paeroa were
jumping with joy and celebrating with other Paeroa people, Arohaina and I frowned with the feeling of defeat while we said, “Good game”. Our dream had ended.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Zentangles for Ag Day

Now that Sports Camp is over, we are in the throes of preparing for Ag Day. This year, we have been experimenting with Zentangling. We have kept to a Sporting theme as that is and has been, our focus this term. After playing around with designs, we decorated our pages with line drawings, using fine Sharpie pens. We chose our sporting focus and have cut out our athletes using black paper. These will be glued over the completed designs. Here are some of the artworks being coloured with dye. We had two copies to practise on before we completed the original Zentangle. We are rapt with how they are coming along. The finished products will be unveiled at the Ag Day at the start of next term.

What is your sporting choice for the Zentangling? What did you enjoy most about this process? What was tricky? Is there anything you would change next time?